Friday, October 16, 2009

54 Arrested in Nine Single-Payer Actions on October 15th

The Mobilization for Health Care had a very strong showing in nine cities around the country yesterday. At least 54 people were arrested in the nine cities.
In New York City, the brave protesters were supported by a crowd of 50 legal protesters. We were prepared to start the action with 10 people risking arrest, and 4 more people joined us to stand up to the corporations that steal our money, our health, and our lives.
Our next task on October 28th is to grow the Mobilization. We want to see the number of cities with mobilizations to be at least 15 and well over 100 people risking arrest.
The task now is to spread the word. Let friends, families and others know about the Mobilization and urge them to sign up at
It is our job to create a political environment that makes single-payer the inevitable solution to Americas healthcare crisis. It is obvious that what is happening in Congress will not provide healthcare for all tens of millions will be without insurance ten years from now under the best estimates and will not control the cost of healthcare as the insurance industry if projecting a 111% increase in cost over the next decade of their already overpriced products.
Here's news coverage from yesterday's actions (we'll add more as they come in):
Palm Beach, FL
Sit-in protest at Humana's office Palm Beach Post

Thanks for all that you do,
Healthcare-NOW! National Staff
P.S. Call Congress for single-payer now! It's easy and toll-free.

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